Researching for your novel? Start with an Ultimate Search Terms List!

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By Whitney Jones

As Julie wrote in our series intro, research can be intimidating. I know that even as a graduate student, research felt vast and never-ending. It was a pit I could fall into–no flashlight, no harness or ropes; just miles of dark tunnel to fall down and a lot of time to think. And if I managed to escape from said research pit, there was always the nagging question: would I have learned enough while I was down there?

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Well, in my five years in graduate school, I learned some tricks to help me escape the pit more enlightened, and I want to share one of those with you today. In the following video, I’ve explained a research strategy that I not only use myself, but that I teach my students as well.

So hit play and let the Ultimate Search Terms List improve your research experience!


If you enjoyed this video, check out this one on writing buddies. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Research Methods For Novelists!


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