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Genna Gazelka

genna author photoGenna received the very first MFA from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She is well-traveled and has been writing since she was 8 years old.

You can read her ideas on how to combine the best of literary and genre fiction here on FromNothingToNovel: From Literary to Genre, 3 Techniques Strategies for Writing a Bestseller.

Luis Marin

Luis runs a consulting company Global Somersault as a resource for small businesses looking to grow. luisIn 1999, Luis began a career in Mortgage Banking where he was surrounded by numbers. “Numbers,” he says, “took me from ‘foot-in-the-door’ all the way to COO of an investment company.” But then in 2012, a stress-related health issue made him realize, “Numbers alone can never take me where I want to go. I have to bring words along for the journey.”

Today Luis not only runs Global Somersault, but also practices his skills as a public speaker and blogger. Aware of the power of storytelling in business writing, Luis loves learning alongside writers of fiction and other genres in Julie’s Miami Beach writers’ group. Read about his experiences, here on FromNothingToNovel: What’s a Non-Fiction Writer Doing in the Company of Fiction Writers?

Follow Luis on Facebook  and Twitter  and visit his site,

Bri Spicer

Bri received her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently lives 13533339_10101352916007821_8110846300431105851_nin Arkansas with her husband, two dachshunds, and far, far too many books. She will read anything from classics to comic books, pulp science fiction from the 1920s to French feminist literary theory.

She is currently working on a literary science fiction novel set in the far future and centered on a young librarian and her allies as they combat the sinister plots of a fascist galactic oligarchy.

You can find Bri on Tumblr or read her thoughts on resuming the Writing Life after a hiatus, here on FromNothingToNovel: Don’t swallow the Story You Need to Write: Three Ways You Can Break a Writing Silence.

Joan Hicks Boone


Joan is a creative non-fiction writer from Burnsville, Minnesota. A registered nurse, Joan worked in many hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities before retiring, allowing her to pursue a career as a writer. 

Joan wrote The Best Girl, a memoir about her experience growing up surrounded by uncertainty and violence, as a resource for professionals involved in the world of domestic abuse. She believes that advocates, victims, survivors, first responders, lawyers, and judges will appreciate the awareness to the issue this book brings. 

Read how Joan developed her fully-fledged memoir The Best Girl from childhood memories, here on FromNothingToNovel: How To Turn Your Life Experience Into a Memoir.

You can also find Joan on Facebook and learn more about The Best Girl by visiting her website,

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