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Hi, writers!

We love bringing you great content on It’s always at the top of the list of ‘fun things we’ve written this week.’ As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve also been curating great content by our wonderful contributors who share their experiences, tips, and strategies so that we can all become the writers we are meant to be! 

Our community of novelists is expanding fast and we want you to be a part of it! Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out as a writer or have decades of experience. Doesn’t matter if you write for a living or spend nine-to-five in a different profession. As long as you are working on a novel in some capacity, you have something valuable to share with our readers.

And think about it; readers have been coming to FromNothingToNovel from places like England, Australia, Japan, Columbia, Norway, and Germany. And more are visiting this site every day from all over the world! Wouldn’t it be great to discuss craft with people thousands of miles away!?

Need ideas for what to share?

We want to include lots of different content that informs and supports writers on their journey to complete their first (or second, third, or … twentieth!) novel. As you brainstorm topics for your article, consider these possibilities: 

  • Review of a published author’s work
  • Techniques novelists can use to improve their work
  • “A Writer’s Life” experiences, such as writing challenges, identity crises, breakthrough moments, disappointments and triumphs, etc.  
  • Writing pitfalls to avoid
  • Publishing industry news
  • Content from your own site that you have repurposed for
  • Essays about what it means to be a novelist in the 21st century

Definitely check out the content on our site, including articles by contributors, to get a feel for the tone, style, and material we like best. 

Why should you contribute?

We love supporting fellow writers and providing them with opportunities to get their voices heard. In a media-driven world, platform and presence are vitally important to writers.

Plus, by contributing content to FromNothingToNovel, you’ll be making valuable connections in the literary world. And isn’t that why we decided to become writers in the first place? We like inspiring others, we like discussing stories and characters, we like knowing that something we’ve created makes others’ lives a little brighter. 

More concretely, we’ll include links to your site and social media, so that readers who find you here can also find you in your usual digs. Your photo and bio will also appear permanently on our brand new “Meet Our Contributors” page.  This kind of stuff always goes well in a portfolio or CV!

Ready to contribute?

Email Whitney at, and provide 1-2 sentences of info for each of the following:

  • Your idea for a blog post: topic and what you offer to readers
  • Your ideas for a title, hashtags, keywords, links to related sites (subject to change)
  • Why you’d like to be a From Nothing to Novel contributor
  • Links to your site and social media profiles

Once we receive your email, we’ll discuss all the other deets! We look forward to writing with you!

~ Whitney Jones,