Our Mission

We feel that writers write best when they write alongside others. Our mission for From Nothing to Novel, then, is to provide you with tips, exercises, and other resources for writing your best.

The manuscript of our first book, co-edited with Dr. Deidre Evans Garriott.

We got the idea for this blog from years of writing alongside one another. It all started in 2009 when we peer reviewed each other’s graduate school papers. That single experience taught us two things:

          Writing is not the solitary activity it is often romanticized as.

          With the right writing partner, you can exceed your potential.

Since then, we have completed many individual projects, but it has been our collaborative work–the book we published together with our friend and colleague Dr. Deidre Evans Garriott–that we remain proudest of.

And now, even though we live several states apart, we still write together. It’s one of our favorite things about being friends and it helps us write our individual projects more productively.

We want you to have this experience too. From Nothing to Novel is our gift to you, a community of writers dedicated to your craft.