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THE Revision Process to Make Your Book



Downloadable Worksheet

show dont tell part 2


Think you can tell what’s telling and what’s showing? It’s harder than you think. Try out out our Show and Tell Quiz from our ebook Show & Tell Like a Pro to test your skills and learn a little bit more about that most iconic of writing advice–show, don’t tell!



Mini Lesson

Do you struggle with research for your novel? You won’t after you check out Whitney’s favorite strategy for conquering the wilds of Google–the Ultimate Search Terms List! Check out this mini-lecture, where Whitney shows you exactly how to become a Google-serfing pro.

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Need help researching your next novel, or even your current work-in-progess? Take a look at Whitney’s instructional video and mini lecture to find out how to get the most out of your research experience.


Mini Lesson

Does your research concern the ideas, perceptions, and experiences of a particular person or community of people? The best way to get the info you need to write your novel could be an interview! Check out Julie’s mini lesson on conducting a stellar interview.

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Downloadable worksheet

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Do you want to interview people as part of the research for your novel? One of the first steps, as you learn from Julie’s video, is forming a solid research question. Download “How do I form a research question?” — an excerpt from our Advanced Interview Techniques for the Serious Novelist ebook. By completing this one simple, but important, step, you’ll be well on your way to writing a novel that readers can’t put down!



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