interview, research, novel, creative writing

Interviewing 101: gathering stories from others in 6 important steps

Hi, folks! Julie, here. Today, I bring you the second of three resources on interviewing for a novel project. In my first article, you’ve learned the WHYS of interviewing. Here, I offer a video teaching you how to gather stories from others in 6 important steps:




If you like what you learn from this video, get ready for MORE! I’ve put together an ebook, Advanced Interview Techniques for the Serious Novelist. In it, you’ll receive helpful templates and insider tips for conducting a successful interview, AND you’ll learn how to use the info you collect to enhance your novel project!

interview, novel, creative writing, novelist, research methods
Stay tuned for how to get this ebook on Amazon!

**For a brief time, this ebook was available to our subscribers, but now we are sprucing it up for Amazon! When it’s ready, we’ll let ya know how to get it.

In the meantime, however, you can access an excerpt on our Free Writing Resources page.

And as always, let us know how your projects are coming! Happy interviewing!

~Julie Tyler

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