3 Reasons Why You’re Awesome + 1 Announcement!

Hey, all you readers and writers out there! You’re awesome! You wanna know why? Here are three reasons:

#1 – You helped us finalize our logo

We’d like to thank everyone who helped with this process! We’re excited about how FromNothingtoNovel grows and evolves over time and grateful that you wanted to be part of it. Seriously, folks. Priceless.

#2 – You share your writing lives with us

Your projects inspire everything we do! We’re happy to know that our tips and techniques make a positive impact on your stories, scenes, and characters. Keep on sharing, folks!

#3 – You’ve followed us on social media

We love engaging with fellow writers on all our channels: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and now our new Facebook page. Thanks for “liking” us! We hope you’ll visit us often and share our material with your friends!

~Whitney Jones and Julie Tyler

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