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ROUND 2: Cast Your Vote for a New Logo!

Hey there, writers! Thanks for voting last week in our logo poll. We tallied the votes and discovered that three of the original six logos were overwhelmingly preferred. So now, we want to see which, out of the three that remain, you like best!

Same process as before, but they are lettered differently this time, so cast a brand new vote. Which of these logos best represents FromNothingToNovel:

If you have time, add a comment on the following:

  • Why do you prefer this logo over the others?
  • Would you modify it in any way (color, graphic, layout, font) and how?
  • Would you combine elements from two different logos? If so, how?

Type your ideas in the comments below, or visit us on Instagram to tell us there! We’ll collect FINAL votes on July 7. Then, we’ll use ’em to narrow down and refine,

THE logo

for FromNothingToNovel!

No time to comment? Cast your vote FAST in the poll below!



  1. I think I like logo A. I am not sure I like the yellow background and teal color together. You might consider different shades. Perhaps a deep eggplant color with yellow or maybe a blush with the teal?

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