Instagram Two-For-One: A Game and an Exercise!

Hello, writers! We invite you to play a game with us on Instagram this week and next. BONUS: this game is also a helpful writing exercise!

How to play with us:

  1. Find an image that represents, inspires, or influences your current writing project.
  2. Post the image on Instagram with a description.
  3. Tag us @fromnothingtonovel so we can see!

Benefits of playing this game:

This game is fun way to get others excited about your novel’s themes before you’ve finished writing it. In addition, it’ll spark more ideas for visually representing your work and choosing the right words to convey those ideas! As you post your image, ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Why does this image represent my novel?
  2. What tone does this image convey?
  3. How can this image help me brainstorm words or phrases to convey this tone on the page?

If you’re not on Instagram, but still want to play, share in the comments here or write a blog post and link to in the text!

We look forward to playing with you guys!

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