Happy half-birthday to FromNothingToNovel! Vote in our 1/2-bday poll!

It’s April 4! Exactly six months since we gals launched FromNothingToNovel, as a resource for novelists just like us! Our very first posts on October 4, 2016 seem like ages ago. And yet, Whitney hasn’t changed at all from being a Reading Writer, arguing that “writing and reading are necessary parts of the same trade.” Nor has Julie stopped Creating Possibility, believing that “possibility has to be as central to the fiction we write as it is in the lives we lead.”

But we have been writing a lot over the past six months. We’ve posted on topics as diverse as favorite journals, bearing witness to the times we live in, the merits of drawing what you write, watching movies to become better novelists, and turning a trip into fodder for a writing project. We’ve also welcomed several contributors to share their ideas and look forward to welcoming more.

We’ve loved every minute of our half year, learning more about each topic, about ourselves as novelists, and each other. One way we’d like to celebrate our half-birthday is to invite you, our readers, to chime in on the content you like best and/or would like to see more of. We have no shortage of ideas and many of them are in the works, but it’s important for us to get to know our readers and what they’re interested in!

Want to see some content on the topic of your choice? All you have to do is vote in this short poll. We’ll publish the answers soon and then use it to get busy with the content we offer! Thanks for celebrating six months with FromNothingToNovel!

~Whitney Jones and Julie Tyler

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