NaNoWriMo and More!


Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

As many or all of you may know, April is National Novel Writing Month as well as National Poetry Month!

Huzzah all around! It’s OUR month, guys. We writers don’t always have much, but we have this, so let’s celebrate.

We are celebrating in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.

First, this month is FromNothingToNovels’s half birthday! We are six months old, y’all, and we are having a blast. We hope you guys are too. Check out our upcoming posts here and on our social media sites to see how we’re throwing down. And if you haven’t followed us through email yet, now’s the time to sign up. We’re working on some exclusive email freebies right now that we’ll announce as we crawl toward one year old!

But, most importantly, we are writing, writing writing. We’ve both set a goal to complete the first full drafts of our novels by the end of May, so NaNoWriMo couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We’ll be typing away furiously.

How about you?

Will you be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? Is your writing group getting in on the action? Are you hoping to start and complete an entire novel in a month? We’d love to hear your plans so that we can cheer you on as you write, write, write alongside us.

Let’s celebrate, writers! Let’s write!


  1. Awesome! I am going to try to come up with 5-10 novel ideas. Narrow those ideas down and do a outline on the one I pick. I am trying to make sure I go into Novemebr more prepared than last year. Good luck to you!

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