4 Helpful Posts You May Have Missed

As the avid readers you are, you probably commiserate with our constant predicament: there is never enough time or energy to read everything we want to. And sometimes the stuff we could really enjoy–all those articles and books–we don’t get to see, because we’re not right in front of our screens the moment it appears.

Ah! There’s so much out there that’s so easy to miss out on!

That’s why we have curated a list of 4 great posts on FromNothingToNovel that we think you’ll enjoy rereading or reading for the first time!

As always, we look forward to great conversations and hope you leave a comment and tell us what you think!

20170202_105258Learn how drawing can help you write your novel!

In this post, Whitney offers 3 techniques for using visual art to help you write your novel. Even the stick-figure drawing, doodling non-artist can do it! So pick up your crayons, read Whitney’s post, and draw something today!


writersLearn how to create your own writing community!

This 3-part series will help you find and nurture a community of writing colleagues IRL. Also, Julie offers great advice for how to give constructive feedback once your writing community is established. Read Julie’s series and begin building your own community right now!


20161028_141634Learn strategies for writing high quality children’s literature!

In this 4-part series, Whitney offers advice on language, sentence structure, and themes that will speak to child readers without talking down to them. Read Whitney’s series and get to work on your children’s book today!


2017-01-22-16-57-35Put 30-minute writing tasks in your tool belt!

Too tired after working your nine-to-five to break out the notebook or laptop and get to writing? Not to worry. Julie’s post offers several 30-minute writing tasks that will keep your novel project moving forward. So take a look and get typing. You’ve got 30 minutes to spare!


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