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Hello fellow writers! Are you following us on Instagram yet? You should be! There, we curate thoughtful and intriguing picture prompts to get you writing, to help you keep your current writing projects going, and to inspire new ones!

But Wait! There’s More!

We’d like to take our prompts to the next level by featuring your stories once a week!

We invite you to post your flash fiction and poetic one-liners in the comments of one of our daily writing prompts.

Write your story in the comments!

You–yes, you!–could be a featured storyteller in the coming weeks! Each Sunday, we will re-post one of that week’s daily prompts with your story as its description and your Instagram tag cited as author credit!

Your words could reach the reading eyes of a large, supportive audience!

And More!

Our weekly themes give you time to mull it over!

We’re also upgrading how we organize our daily writing prompts. Every week will explore a theme. Our first theme was “nature just before spring.” But we’ve got tons more ideas. So just think: if one theme isn’t your cup of tea (because, c’mon, you write urban fantasy and you need some gritty urban pics to get the muses singing), then wait a week and maybe we’ll be posting picture prompts of “found urban art” (hint: we will be).


Stay Tuned…

In the next month we’ll be sharing news about an Instagram contest you’re gonna love!


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